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We produce illustrations for prose, poetry, business documents and film, across a range of media that best suits the subject. While a cartoon is ideal for conveying an idea, illustration is there to adds an extra level of depth - complementing, highlighting or communicating any content. If you have a story, document or anything that might benefit from something more, get in touch.

A chat and a sketch is all it takes to start something special!

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- pen and digital

Malapin Longfoot & the Trail of Golden Eggs

- Rupert Bear Annual homage (2016)

- pen and digital

St. George & the Dragon

- Excerpts (2016)

- ink and acrylic 3D

Pale Envoy (2015)
Pale Envoy (2015)
Pale Envoy (2015)

Pale Envoy

- illustrated poem (2015)

- pencil and digital

The Christmas Wing Ghost

- illustrated story (2015)

- pen and watercolour


- Illustrated story (2015)

- pencil and digital

Music Illustrated

- Assorted digital collagfes inspired by (2016 - 2017).

We produce illustrations in

  • collage
  • digital composition
  • graphic design
  • mixed media
  • paint
  • print
  • sketch
  • things yet to be invented

Illustration (n) lstre()n/ A picture illustrating a book, newspaper, etc.

Ori: Late Middle English (in the sense 'illumination; spiritual or intellectual enlightenment'). Via Old French from Latin illustratio(n-), from the verb illustrare

We provide illustrations for

  • editorials
  • manuals
  • poetry
  • pamphlets
  • periodicals
  • reports
  • stories & prose
  • things yet to be dreamt up