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Jokertoons helps businesses enhance their brand, focus their message and boost engagement.

Drawing on great experience unlocking company's messages and fronting specific marketing campaigns, Jokertoons specialises in providing custom illustrations in just the way a company needs: High quality, to agreed timelines and for great value.

Even with the rise of image sharing social media platforms, the use of illustration to complement, reinforce and enhance a message remains underexploited in many industries.

Jokertoons allows organisations to unlock this powerful tool at budget-friendly rates - so get in touch for more information and to talk through your requirements.

Custom imagery is a great way to attract attention, increase engagement and connect with your audience.

Whether you want to draw in customers or increase engagement with your employees, Jokertoons can make a real difference to your business. Find out more about the industries we work with and the services we provide.

Drawing on considerable commercial experience, Jokertoons provides high-quality imagery and visual support in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

We'll help you develop ideas or work from commercial briefs - so be as detailed as your project allows. And if you have a set budget, let us know. We're happy to work to discounted rates for charities and non-profit organisations.

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  • advertising
  • editorials
  • emails
  • newsletters
  • pamphlets
  • posters
  • presentations
  • social media
  • training material

Business Services

editorial illustration

The increasing importance of social media in marketing strategies makes visual expression more important than ever. Take the lead.

Case Study

A lead illustration for opinion articles and features at Mirror Online. Complementing the content, catching the eye on a national outlet with huge readership and online traction.

social media

How can you increase your engagement on social media? Custom imagery is proven to boost online performance, enhancing brands, clearly and effectively conveying messages and increasing conversion.

Case Study

How can you increase your engagement on social media? Custom imagery is proven to boost online performance, enhancing brands, clearly and effectively conveying messages and increasing conversion.

internal communication

And it's not all sales and marketing... Custom illustrations are an effective way to boost and encourage internal engagement, from newsletters and intranets to training material and presentations aimed at employees.

Case Study

Alongside drafting and constructing a new website and extranet

for this international event services company, introduced a new suite of information brochures and visually based management communications.

comic strips and cartoons

Stand-alone or serial, cartoons can back any length of message.

Case Study

The Val Ewe mascot is a great example of a cartoon character who can channel brand qualities through stand-alone illustrations or serial campaigns, grabbing the eye on blogs and webpages. Can Val Ewe help your brand?

brand & visual identity

It's not all about the imagery. Bring Jokertoons into your branding process at an early stage to craft a more cohesive product and take advantage of years of experience shaping visual identity.

Case Study

With great experience of crafting UI for commercial and non-profit websites, is a great example of our skills of providing clear structure and strong image led design.


No matter the industry, adverting must convey the right message and grab the attention of the intended target audience. Jokertoons is based on experience in commercial marketing environments. With us you can draw on skills in design, copy and strategy as much as visualisation and striking imagery.

Case Study

Different industries, sectors and audiences require different marketing. We've worked for major London companies that simultaneously promoted multiple brands for B2c and B2B.

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