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Looking for some artistic accompaniment?


We produce illustrations for prose, poetry, business documents and film, across a range of media that best suits the subject. Where cartoons are ideal for simply conveying an idea, illustration adds an extra level of depth, complementing other content from prose to poetry.


If you have a story, document or anything that might benefit from a little extra, get in touch to talk through how Jokertoons can add more to your work.  


A chat and some sketching is all it takes to start something special!

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Malapin Longfoot & the Trail of Golden Eggs

- Rupert Bear homage (2016)

- pen and digital

St George & the Dragon

- Excerpts (2016)

- ink and acrylic

available as gifts

Pale Envoy

- illustrated poem (2015)

- pen and digital

Malapin pencil 1 Malapin 1a Malapin 3a Malapin 8a Malapin pencil 8 Malapin pencil 3
  • collage

  • digital composition

  • graphic design

  • mixed media

  • paint

  • print

  • sketch

Illustration  (n) lstre()n/ A picture illustrating a book, newspaper, etc.

Ori: Late Middle English (in the sense 'illumination; spiritual or intellectual enlightenment'). Via Old French from Latin illustratio(n-), from the verb illustrare

  • editorials

  • manuals

  • poetry

  • pamphlets

  • periodicals

  • reports

  • stories & prose



Wing Ghost front One Eight Five Two Six

The Christmas Wing Ghost

- illustrated story (2015)

- pen and watercolour