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By JokerMatt, Oct 7 2016 10:56AM

You can buy unique artwork from Jokertoons right now, straight off the peg...

Sound familiar?

With a jolt you suddenly you remember that anniversary, birthday, thing you were going to get for the thing you have to be tomorrow night. You grab your coat to run out to explore the only two options - the local service station with intelligible multi-buy deals on confectionary or that really over-priced, always empty art boutique with its hand-gilted cards….

Why did you move here, how did you forget, how can we stop this mass gentrification, when did it start snowing anyway... But then, as the questions pile into your head...

You remember, there’s another way!

It may as well be hanging there on the coat peg, just under the coats. Jokertoons! We off our own kind of Narnia, a range of solutions which like any good metaphor, is constantly expanding.

Yes, Jokertoons offers artwork ready to buy straight off the peg across a range of merchandise. A range of lifestyle products that make the perfect gifts or statements, from our sketchy Writer’s Shock series to exclusive Jokertoons merchandise to Christmas cards. The range is constantly expanding, And keep your peepers peeled for some very special Halloween-tinged artwork unveiling over the next few days…

Special offers are available on bulk purchases, and of course, there is the option of fast-track delivery for those extra special emergencies.

So just remember we’re here for you whether you’re grabbing your coat or not!

What can you get?

· Cards & Postcards

· Mugs & tall mugs

· Stickers

· Phone, Tablet and Laptop Cases & Skins

· Tote Bags & Drawstring Bags

· Throws & Pillows

· Art Prints - Canvas or Framed, Metal or Photographic

· Notebooks & Journals

· iPhone Wallets

· Hardcover Journals

· Hoodies and pullovers

· T-Shirts of all descriptions

· Posters

· A-Line Dresses and Mini Skirts

· Scarves

· Duvet Covers & Wall Tapestries

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Artwork off the peg @ Jokertoons
Artwork off the peg @ Jokertoons

By JokerMatt, Sep 6 2016 04:43PM

Anatomy of a Jokertoon - Don't be a Filly-Stein
Anatomy of a Jokertoon - Don't be a Filly-Stein


A brand new range has hit Jokertoon's online shop: Writer's Shock. This folio features cartoon illustrations inspired by literary influences as much as puns. And one of them stands out in her field as a good reason to explore Jokertoons...

It started with a name of course - only a philestine wouldn't want to explore the range of art available at Jokertoons right? Art to buy off the peg or inspire commissions - who could resist?

Somehow a young female horse seen through one of Victor Frankenstein's magnifying lenses seemed like the perfect autumn mascot.

From that, the ink frame took shape. How do you Frankenstein a horse? An extra leg helps of course. Some electric bolts under the main as well. And then, a dash of the familiar white hair streak from, no, not the Miliband brothers, but the original Universal Studios' Bride of Frankenstein. A watercolour wash picks out the skilful build of this ragdoll equum reanimatus. Bet you didn't expect some Latin.

So this Bride of Stallion has arrived and she's got a clear message:

Keep tuned for more additions to the Writer's Shock and other Jokertoons portfolios soon!

You can buy this Filly-Stein for yourself, or someone else at the Jokertoons shop - on a bag, journal, greeting card, wall-hugging canvas or chair enhancing cushion.

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