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By JokerMatt, Jan 7 2018 10:41AM

Our Number One Christmas fly guy!
Our Number One Christmas fly guy!

With Twelfth Night done and dusted (decorations taken down, think about dusting), we can announce our winning Christmas Card of 2017!

It was a fantastic festive season for us, with several new additions to our growing range of Christmas cards. But the winner swung in from nowhere!

Our 2016 Golden Age tribute - Sky Santa card was our best selling card of Christmas 2017! He beat off competition from new favourite Christmas Hound! but also surpassed his team rivals; including our brand new Mrs Santa card - although it was super-punch-up close.

Thanks to everyone who's purchased one, two or many of our cards - we hope you'll head back in 2018, as plenty of new Christmas designs will be heading out the traps later in the year - including some special additions to our Action Christmas range!

But of course, cards aren't just for Christmas - new designs will be released throughout the year, for big occasions, small occasions and just for fun. Next up: Roses are red...

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Happy New Year!! Best wishes for a fantastic 2018 from Jokertoons!

By JokerMatt, Nov 30 2017 10:10PM

New Stock(ings)
New Stock(ings)

New Christmas cards alert!

December already?

Don't worry, as Christmas fast approaches, there are some new additions to our Christmas card rangeto brighten up your festive sending!

Completing our trinity of Golden Age comicbook tributes comes our most dynamic Action Christmas card yet! introducing Mrs Santa, dashing through the snow presents in hand - the perfect complement to our Super Santa and Super Sky Santa cards.

And another introduction - Christmas Hound! All decked out for Christmas, and strangely happy with itself! Joining our best selling Waiting Dogs of Christmas card - expect the dog beds to pile up even more, and very soon!

Remember, all cards are availble from our shop with special offers. Buy 8 and you'll get 20% off. Buy 16 and you'll receive 30% off your order!


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